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Note To Self from Up In The Clouds

I begin to make a recording of the social soundscape surrounding the outdoor terrace cafe we're sitting in. We're outside 'La Nubia' Airport in Manizales, Columbia, waiting to catch a flight whilst on tour with Insectotropics. A crowd of men whom I assume to be well into their 60s and 70s play dominoes with great glee and gusto at a table nearby.

As I make the recording and the game plays out, I wonder about the ethics of documenting, reproducing and disseminating the overheard conversations.

It strikes me that actually, if you're listening to this recording, you're only overhearing what I overheard. The people around me knew I was there and still spoke loudly enough for me to hear. They've no idea who I am, so they only knew me as well as you know them.

Of course, they didn't know I was recording them. But, if you're listening with headphones and not broadcasting this to a wider audience than yourself, you, listening to this, could be me, who was there.

For today, I think it's fine. They're too busy enjoying their dominoes to care, anyway.

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