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EarBytes Special: #SpanishRevolution 2-Migel

There are 8,000 people sat crossed-legged across Plaça Catalunya, a part of a political demonstration dubbed "Los Indignados". Rousing speeches ring out across the square.
I find myself sitting next to Migel - a life-long farmer from a small village of 200 people, who is in Barcelona for the weekend to sell his hand-made honey at an artisans market.
During our half-hour conversation he told me a beautifully simply story of how his household had the only telephone in the village. As a boy he took messages for everyone who called. At the end of the month, the telephone bil was normally 500-1000 pesetas (around 6€)... split between 50 households.
EarBytes Special #SpanishRevolution: 2-Migel by If Walls Had Ears

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