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EarBytes #8-9-10: A Night Out With Ale

A triptych of recordings from a night out in Barcelona's hidden corners, accompanied by Alessandro di Pauli.

#8: 'La Marsella' absinthe bar was historically frequented by Picasso & Hemingway amongst others. Here, Ale and I talk over the top of each other whilst simultaneously explaining to two separate people how the portable recorder works...

#9: Moog Club. I leave Ale whooping to Aretha upstairs, absinthe-aided trip into the same guy for the third time on the stairs, and take in the club's main fodder - techno, on its wonderfully EQ'd sound system.

#10: 5am. We leave Moog. I repeat myself, Ale says something totally unconnected by way of reply, and a guy offers us samosas.

EarBytes #8-9-10: A Night Out With Ale by If Walls Had Ears

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