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Nightlife, Nightsounds

Inside MACBA Hall

Parc de la Ciutadella

Don Ale

Paving Slabs (loose ones make great sounds when cycled over...)

The sea at sunset


Last week we continued our quest to record the sounds of Barcelona throughout 24 hours. Alessandro di Pauli and Tullis Rennie began exactly where they finished before, right in the middle of MACBA square (which this time was bathed in much more pleasant spring sunshine, rather than the snow we saw last time).

We recorded skaters, peaceful parks (with ping-pong players), cycled over loose paving slabs, captured the sounds of the sea at sunset, and then moved on into the city nightlife - live jazz bars and techno clubs.

Ale's wonderful photos above documented the experience, and below is a selection of the recordings made: skaters, birds in the park, paving slabs, the sea, jazz bar (with guy in the crowd playing the spoons!), Moog club (a walk from upstairs party soul sounds to downstairs deep techno) and finally the sound of being accosted in the street at 4am, slightly worse for wear...

Alessandro is currently taking an if walls had ears sound workshop to produce a piece of music using some of these recordings. Watch this space!

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